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Fixalip™ Cold Sore Lotion 8ml


Why suffer through the long drawn out process of letting the cold sore heal naturally when you can use Fixalip™?

Fixalip™ helps to:

  • Prevent the formation of cold sores

  • Dry and heal

  • Relieves painful symptoms

Fixalip™ has been effectively managing the embarrassing syptoms of cold sores for more than 40 years.  

Fixalip™ has been designed to stop virus replication by damaging its membrane through its drying action.

A specially formulated blend of alcohols with ether means our FX3 formula can help reduce/prevent the formation of cold sore blisters and the onset of painful symptoms.

Directions for use:

Shake the bottle to wet the roller ball and apply to cold sore/s often and frequently throughout the day. 

Re-apply as required to help dry, soothe and heal cold sore lesions


Do not apply excess moisturising products to cold sore lesions as this may hinder the action of Fixalip™

Suitable for children 6 years and over.

Use under medical advice if pregnant.


HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. Keep container tightly closed. Keep away from ignition sources - no smoking


Price: AUD $16.82